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By D. Brewer

A choice of essays at the modern obstacle and alter in South Africa which considers the overseas political place, Afrikaner politics, South African economics, inner Black politics, The United Democratic entrance, Black exchange unions and constitutional change.

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Nor need a greater number of participants mean a more watertight, more effective boycott. Not only are there numerous examples of leaks, but the search for consensus may also become self-defeating. The greater the effort of sender states to reach international agreement, the weaker the sanctions finally decided on: too many cooks spoil the broth. THEORETICAL CONDITIONS: SOUTH AFRICA AND THE WEST South Africa - a target state? We have used these generalised conclusions from past experience to formulate some necessary- if not necessarily sufficient- conditions for the success of sanctions.

Klinghoffer, 'The Soviet Union and Superpower Rivalry in Africa', p. 36. On South African attitudes to the UN, see John Barratt, 'South African Diplomacy at the UN', in G. R. Berridge and A. Jennings (eds), Diplomacy at the UN, London, Macmillan, 1985 See Anthony Verrier, International Peacekeeping: United Nations Forces in a Troubled World, Harmondsworth, Penguin Books, 1981, Chapter 8. '. 'Problems of Struggle against Racism, Apartheid and Colonialism in the [sic] South Africa'. On the economic and strategic arguments for South African withdrawal to the 'Orange River Line' (from the National Party government's own point of view), see Africa Contemporary Record 1983-4, p.

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