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By Samuel Insull

В дополнение к публикации о Трафальгарском сражении предлагаю вашему вниманию издание о британских линейных кораблях периода наполеоновских войн.

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L3 2 Moseley Mar 42 11/05 31-00N 126-32E AK NG T0/6+G 0 M 11 31-00N 126-45E A-APK 5266 Baikal M. D PR says torp went under, no expl, later hit by 3-inch gunfire but escaped. M cites Sasebo Guard L1 District Diary as shelled at location given, little damage. ] 2 McKnight Mar 42 13/17 07-45S 116-15E AK 5000 T1/4DUP D I 13 N Lombok Str. U NG {Tx1} H PR says hit heard on convoy prev att by 197 SEAWOLF. ] 1 McGregor, D. Mar 42 13/07 33-53N 135-30E AO 10000 T3/4DUP S WJSM 13 SW Mikura I. XAF 1525 Chichibu M.

S. Government Printing Office, 1947. ) M: Mühlthaler, Erich. Personal correspondence, material translated from specific sources listed. C. S: Somerville, William G. Personal correspondence, material translated from specific sources listed. SBS: The United States Strategic Bombing Survey, various sections, 1946–47. T: Tabular Record of Movements (see item 5 under “Principal Sources of Data on Japanese Ship Casualties”). U: United States Submarine Losses, World War II. Naval History Division, Office of Chief of Naval Operations.

S1 S 03 S 03 S S U S1P 0 L L1 S 03 D S M D1 S S D S1 S S H S1 S 03 S S S1 v. Well Groeneveld Dec 41 23/21 Kuching AP 9849 T2/ ISM 23 Off Kuching A-APK 9849 Katori M. J 02-30N 110-00E PR says seen to S. WS3,5,&15 say torp & S by K-XIV ca 2040 23 Dec. M1 says 10 crew & many troops killed. ] S S S S D S1 S HNMS K-XIV 22 2 v. Well Groeneveld Dec 41 23/21 Kuching AP 4943 T2/ JSM 23 02-30N 110-00E A-AK 4943 Hie M. } PR says seen to S. BSH & DNO also claim S; I indicates disabled. WS3,5,&15 say S ca 2040 23 Dec by K-XIV.

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