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By Ted Janssen, Gervais Chapuis, Marc de Boissieu

Until eventually the Nineteen Seventies all fabrics studied consisted of periodic arrays of unit cells, or have been amorphous. within the final many years a brand new classification of strong kingdom subject, referred to as aperiodic crystals, has been discovered. it's a lengthy variety ordered constitution, yet with no lattice periodicity. it's present in quite a lot of fabrics: natural and anorganic compounds, minerals (including a considerable part of the earths crust), and steel alloys, less than quite a few pressures and temperatures. as a result of the loss of periodicity the standard concepts for the examine of constitution and actual homes now not paintings, and new recommendations need to be built. This ebook bargains with the characterisation of the constitution, the constitution choice and the research of the actual houses, specifically dynamical and digital houses of aperiodic crystals. The remedy is predicated on an outline in an area with extra dimensions than 3, the so-called superspace. this permits us to generalise the normal crystallography and to appear otherwise on the dynamics. the 3 major sessions of aperiodic crystals, modulated levels, incommensurate composites and quasicrystals are taken care of from a unified viewpoint, which stresses similarities of many of the structures. The ebook assumes as a prerequisite a data of the basic recommendations of crystallography and the speculation of condensed subject, and covers the literature on the leading edge of the sector.

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The Penrose tiling consists of tiles of either of two types: rhombi with angles of 36 degrees and 72 degrees. The positions of these rhombi need an algorithm for their description. Inside the rhombi atomic positions may be given with respect to the tile edges. A three-dimensional quasiperiodic space filling structure with icosahedral symmetry may be constructed in analogy to the Penrose tiling. It consists of copies of two types of rhombohedra, a prolate and an oblate one with a volume ratio of T.

The interaction may be weak, as in several inclusion compounds with organic molecules as guests, or strong, as is the case in misfit layered structures, such as PbS-TiS. Usually the composites are non-stoichiometric. A monolayer of material A on a substrate of material B, just as argon on graphite, is in principle aperiodic, because of the interaction. The system consisting of the monolayer and the top layer of the substrate forms an incommensurate composite. 5 Quasicrystals The discovery of an alloy with icosahedral symmetry in 1982 meant a further breakthrough for aperiodic crystals.

The potential transforms into a potential that is obtained from the original one by a gauge transformation. The symmetry group of the potential consists of pairs (xg,d) of a Poincare transformation g and a compensating gauge transformation Xg • The gauge transformations form an Abelian subgroup of the symmetry group, and the structure of the latter is comparable to that of a crystallographic space group, which has as elements pairs of a orthogonal transformation and a translation (Janner and Janssen, 1971).

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