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Hollywood Babylon, Pt. 2

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Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy

This publication by way of one time CIA "psychic spy" Ingo Swann is split into 3 elements. the 1st half describes stories with an extremely mystery executive organization. This contains distant viewing of the lunar floor the place mining and production operations are saw in addition to human having a look extraterrestials.

The Tsar's Last Armada: The Epic Voyage to the Battle of Tsushima

On might 14-15, 1905, within the Tsushima Straits close to Japan, a complete Russian fleet was once annihilated, its ships sunk, scattered, or captured via the japanese. It used to be one of the most sensible 5 naval battles in background, equivalent to these of Lepanto, Trafalgar, Jutland, and halfway. the japanese misplaced simply 3 destroyers, however the Russians misplaced twenty-two ships and millions of sailors.

The Medieval Health Handbook -- Tacuinum Sanitatis

The recommendation provided via the vigorous photos from the fourteenth and 15th centuries featured here's occasionally comically anachronistic, yet is frequently proof of a remarkably sleek sophistication referring to balanced consuming, drowsing, and exercising.

The health care provider Speaks:

"About the six issues which are priceless for each guy within the day-by-day maintenance of his healthiness, approximately their right makes use of and their results. the 1st is the therapy of air, which matters the guts. the second one is the perfect use of food and drinks. The 3rd is the right kind use of circulation and relaxation. The fourth is the matter of prohibition of the physique from sleep, or over the top wakefulness. The 5th is the proper use of removing and retention of humors. The 6th is the regulating of the individual via moderating pleasure, anger, worry, and misery. The mystery of the upkeep of health and wellbeing, actually, should be within the right stability of these types of components, because it is the disturbance of this stability that explanations the health problems which the wonderful and such a lot exalted God allows. indexed less than those six classifications are many very precious kinds whose nature, God prepared, we will clarify. .. "

Spider-Island 004 (2015)

Venom and his band of colossal allies take the struggle instantly to the Spider-Queen!

One hero makes the final word sacrifice.

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Repeating the same behavior will just get you the same results. “Instead of changing jobs, maybe I should be one of the people helping my company change. ” Then Becky, who lived in another city but had returned for the reunion, said, “As I was listening to the story and to everyone’s comments here, I’ve had to laugh at myself. I’ve been like Hem for so long, hemming and hawing and afraid of change. I didn’t realize how many other people did this as well. I’m afraid I’ve passed it on to my children without even knowing it.

He used to think more about what could go wrong than what could go right. But that had changed in the days since he had left Cheese Station C. He used to believe that Cheese should never be moved and that change wasn’t right. Now he realized it was natural for change to continually occur, whether you expect it or not. Change could surprise you only if you didn’t expect it and weren’t looking for it. When he realized he had changed his beliefs, he paused to write on the wall: Old Beliefs Do Not Lead You To New Cheese.

I was in a rat race and I couldn’t get out. ’and saw how Haw changed,” Michael continued, “I realized that my job was to paint a picture of ‘New Cheese’. ” “That’s interesting,” Angela said. “Because, to me, the most powerful part of the story was when Haw ran past his fear and painted a picture in his mind of finding ‘New Cheese’. Running through the maze became less fearful and more enjoyable. ” Richard, who had been frowning during the discussion, said, “My manager’s been telling me our company needs to change.

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