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Cortex B. medulla 27 Pretest 165. Waste products are forced out of the glomerular capillaries into the ____ of the nephron. A. B. C. D. proximal convoluted tubule distal convoluted tubule nephron loop glomerular capsule 166. One function of the kidneys is to “cleanse” the blood or filter it. This process occurs at the ____. A. B. C. D. proximal convoluted tubule and vasa recta glomerular capillaries and glomerular capsule nephron loop and vasa recta renal artery and renal vein 167. Approximately what percentage of the water that enters the kidneys is put back into the bloodstream to prevent dehydration?

8. inguinal. The groin region is the inguinal. 9. otic. The ear region is the otic. The instrument to look inside the ear is called an otoscope. 10. axilla. The armpit region is the axilla. 11. cubital. The elbow region is the cubital. Some texts refer to this region as the olecranon. 12. carpal. This is the wrist area. The posterior view is the same as the anterior view. 13. pollex. The thumb is the pollex. The big toe is the hallux. 14. femoral. The posterior upper thigh is the femoral just at the anterior upper thigh.

D. thoracic cavity must decrease in size thus increasing thoracic pressure thoracic cavity must increase in size thus decreasing thoracic pressure thoracic cavity must decrease in size thus decreasing thoracic pressure thoracic cavity must increase in size thus increasing thoracic pressure 22 CliffsStudySolver Anatomy & Physiology 133. What percentage of the carbon dioxide produced will be exhaled? A. B. C. D. 7% 23% 70% 90% 134. Which of the following act as a buffer inside the red blood cell?

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