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The result could be to seek additional information and reexamine the data used in constructing the scale in order to improve consistency. A structurally generated index is not available in other procedures for the construction of ratio scales. As already mentioned, the method also utilizes, for reasons suggested by consistency requirements, reciprocal entries (α,, = \/αί}) in pairwise comparison matrices instead of the traditional an = — atj used for construction of interval scales. All measurements, including those which make use of instruments, are subject to experimental error and to error in the measurement instrument itself.

8. ) 9. Examine your problem as part of several problems in any overall goal. 10. Force a framework and refine it to fit the problem. 11. Brainstorm the problem's every conceivable facet. Then organize all the criteria listed as a hierarchy by grouping the factors in comparable classes appropriately aligned-positive or negative direction. 12. Make certain that you can answer questions about the importance of the elements in a level with respect to the elements in the upper level. 13. Formulate written questions you are going to answer for each level.

The pairwise comparisons are done in terms of which element dominates the other. ) If element A dominates element B, then the whole number (integer) is entered in row A, column Β and the reciprocal (fraction) is entered in row B, column A. Of course, if element Β dominates element A then the reverse occurs. The whole number is then placed in the B, A position with the reciprocal automatically being assigned to the A, Β position. If A and Β are judged to be equal, a one is assigned to both positions.

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