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Since the scattering was from rapidly moving electrons (speed about one-tenth of that of light) there was a Doppler shift in frequency. This shift was about 260 A and with a suitable filter the stray radiation, whose wavelength was unshifted, could be prevented from reaching the detector. This experiment barely detected the presence of Thomson scattering as there were very few (less than ten) scattered photons per pulse. 3 at the end of this chapter). Fig. 9. The arrangement of components of the Fiocco and Thompson (1963) experiment.

The first operation is reflection in P1 followed by a displacement ^c + ^a, and the second a reflection in P2 followed by a displacement^ + ^a. e. the point (x + ^ , | — y,z + ^). The second operation, involving the plane P 2 , similarly generates a point (x — £, f — y, z + {-). 9 Space groups 23 These coordinates show that there are two other glide planes at y = f and y = | associated with displacements |c + £a and ^c — ^a, respectively. Rotation axes (2, 3, 4, 6) The modes of operation of rotation axes are shown in fig.

22). Furthermore, it shows that the coherently scattered component can be found from first principles by taking account of the fact that the electronic change is distributed and not located at a point. 31) The scattering of X-rays 44 where p represents the charge density in electron units per unit volume. In the special case when | *F |, and therefore p, is spherically symmetric we may represent the electron density by p(r). If, for example, we express the positional parameters in spherical polar coordinates with respect to the centre of the atom as origin, then the charge associated with a small elemental volume is p{r)r2 sin ij/dr dij/d(/> (fig.

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