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An Holistic advisor to therapeutic massage comprises the hyperlinks among physique, brain and soul within the look for overall healthiness. This procedure has no longer been taken via the other textual content written approximately therapeutic massage. different texts at present on hand are likely to specialise in one concept and one idea purely, while this publication encourages scholars to examine the broader picutre encompassing various theories. scholars are then capable of make their very own brain up approximately which therapeutic massage remedy to perform.

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As a result the organs and body systems involved with combating stress come under increasing pressure and gradually start to weaken. The body craves a period of rest after a period of increased activity. If this is not available then the body starts to experience further reactions in the form of: ● ● ● ● Loss of concentration Muscle fatigue Indigestion Loss of energy. e. they are sudden, often severe and usually short in duration. g. g. g. sore throat, cough etc. Anxiety Allergies. ● ● ● ● ● ● Task Now imagine that the test is on the whole of the book and it is necessary for you to pass it in order to gain your qualification.

ROLFING – developed in the 1930s by Dr Ida Rolf, Rolfing is a method of realigning the body’s structure through manipulation. Using the fingertips, hands and knuckles, it has the overall effect of realigning the body with the forces of gravity, enabling the body to heal itself more efficiently and effectively. HELLERWORK is a derivative of rolfing and works on the same basic principles. SELF MASSAGE – a means of applying massage techniques to oneself to aid in the relief of muscular tension and associated pain to bring about a greater sense of well-being.

Stratum corneum or horny layer – the cells have finally reached the surface to form the uppermost layer of skin. It takes approximately one month for the cells to develop from the stratum germinativum to eventually become the stratum corneum at which point they are constantly being shed to allow for the process to continue. Integumentary system Fascinating Fact We shed or desquamate in the region of 4 % of our total skin cells every day which is approximately 18 kg of skin in a lifetime! A large percentage of household dust is made up of these skin cells!

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