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This e-book is a jewel– it explains very important, helpful and deep issues in Algebraic Topology that you simply won`t locate somewhere else, conscientiously and in detail."""" Prof. Günter M. Ziegler, TU Berlin

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For this chapter, a Lie algebra it has no n o n trivial will be given in an a p p e n d i x reasonable non definition trivial not have abelian 4- k Cartan maximal ideals, Let ~ is finite according II. certainly, c~ But will ~ the absence c-involutive self-adjoint dimensional, of ~rill whatsoever. is a subalgebra ~, and any other Lie algebra h of ~ subslgebras of ~. of ~ is m a x i m a l all its elements it follows which over Is among the are semi-simple. that Caftan subalgebras 4 are Cartan sub algebras of ~ of in the sense.

L(E). and bE Hence aE cE vanish. snd is a scalar This ends the proof of ease A. The cases B sad C are proved the same v~ay; simple as soon as d~mE ~ 5 and that s_~(E,JQ) note that o(E,J~) is simple as soon as dimE >i 2. • The associative algebra of all linear maps (not necessarily bounded) of ~ into itself is denoted by L i n ( ~ ) . 8 L emma 4- Let D e Lin(~); suppose that one of the following holds: A. - D commutes with all operators in sl ( ~ ; Co). B. - D commutes with all operators in o(~ ,J~; Co).

The verification are no other roots m El, j for all H e 1% . of (6) is elementary. Lie algebra ~ and whose ; Co ) diagonal terms, ( ( X J Y>~ = t r a c e ( X Y ' ) In the case of proposition t~A, the c-ir~olutive to be that there follows from lemma 6 where can be chosen as the space of all operators matrix representations The f a c t and . I Lie algebra h can be defined I% ~ (~E~a --~ g~ ); it is C) = U sl(n, c), where sl(n, ~) is the n~N s l ( ~ [ ; Co) consisting of those operators which map of sl(~, (e o, e I , ...

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