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By Lisa Yount

This ebook examines the careers of Blalock, a white male health professional; Taussig, a white lady heart specialist; and Thomas, an African American male laboratory technician; who in 1944 mixed their talents to create a groundbreaking surgery that not just stored the lives of hundreds of thousands of kids, but additionally made surgeons acutely aware that surgical procedure on residing hearts used to be attainable.

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ONLY A JANITOR Vivien Thomas’s salary became an issue again around 1935. By this time, Thomas was supporting more than just himself. On December 22, 1933, he had married Clara Beatrice Flanders, an attractive young woman he had met the previous summer when visiting his sister in Macon, Georgia, and they now had a baby daughter, Olga Fay. ) Thomas and James Lewis, Tinsley Harrison’s laboratory technician, who was also an African American, wondered one day whether they received the same pay as white technicians who did the same kinds of work.

A heart-lung machine takes over the functions of those organs temporarily during heart surgery. ) He and Ladd also wrote a classic textbook, Abdominal Surgery of Infancy and Childhood, which was published in 1941 and extensively revised in 1953. Gross was chief surgeon at Children’s Hospital from 1947 to 1966, after which he became director of the hospital’s cardiac research program. Among many other honors, he received the Albert Lasker Award (along with Blalock and Taussig) in 1954; he went on to win the award again in 1959, becoming the only physician to receive it twice.

The apartment that Thomas finally obtained was at the edge of what he considered tolerable. Fortunately, he and his family located a better one a few months later. The day after Blalock arrived, he gave Thomas a tour of his beloved school. Thomas found some of its buildings impressive but was dismayed to see the city pressing so close to them, a far cry from the “spacious, tree-lined campus” of Vanderbilt. ” Its dingy tile floors and hospital-green walls swarmed with cockroaches, especially at night.

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