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A. Renzetti and J. C. A. Arch. lnd. Health 14, 458 (1956). 41. G. P. Larson, J. R. Taylor, and W. J. Hamming, Proc. 3rd Nati. , 1955 p. 33 (1955). 42. J. Cholak, L. J. Schäfer, D. Yeager, and W. J. A. Arch. Ind. Health 15, 198 (1957). 43. J. Cholak and L. J. Schafer, Am. Ind. Hyg. Assoc. J. 2 1 , 452 (1960). 44. "Air Quality Data from the National Air Sampling Networks and Contributing State and Local Networks 1964-1965" 125 pp. S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1966.

Classification System_ adopted by Internat Soc. Sou Sci. ) 100 I I 5,000 I 1,250 I 2,500 I 625 10,000 i I Theoretical Mesh 1,000 100 10 1 KCIay- -Fine Sand- -Silt Common Atmospheric Dispersoids Ή — C l o u d s and F o g - ^Coarse Sand-» -I *Mist**OrizzteH- - Gravel- -Rain- - Rosin S m o k e Fertilizer, Ground Limestone—H [Fly Ash —(Oil Smokes-Coal D u s t -Tobacco S m o k e -Metallurgical Dusts and F u m e s f^Arrmwum Chloride fijme-»+< Cement Dust I Sulfuric ' > -Beach Sand U Typical Particles and Gas Dispersoids 'Molecular diameters calculated from viscosity data at 0*C.

Coagulation IV. Physical and Chemical Properties of Particles in the Air A. Size Distribution—General B. Air Ions C. Aitken Nuclei D. 1 μ,πι Radius V. 246, dimensionless [Eq. (16)] Cunningham correction factor, di­ mensionless Constant, dimensionless [Eq. 6 X 10 19 coulomb Functional notation, e . g . / ^ ) , / ^ ) , etc. 23 X 104 cm3— mm Hg (°K)_1 (gm-mole) _1 Radius of ion collector outer cyl­ inder, cm I. CORN t Τ u v V w y' z β y Δ^ λ μ π p p' pw σ9 W Time, sec Absolute temperature, °K Particle terminal settling velocity, cm/sec Voltage differential between ion collector condenser plates, volts Total particle volume associated with particles less than size r, cm 3 Particle weight, gm η/Δ (In r).

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