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By Anthony Campbell MRCP(UK) FF Hom

A pragmatic handbook describing the foundations and perform of recent clinical acupuncture. This e-book frees the practitioner from dependence on rule of thumb and builds on latest scientific wisdom. Demystifying the needling approach, this e-book demonstrates speedy yet potent therapy of these issues for which acupuncture is appropriate.

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These can certainly cause local infections. In the case of the ear these may take the form of perichondritis, which is difficult to treat and may result in distortion of the auricle. A more serious complication of using these needles is bacterial endocarditis. This has occurred in a number of cases. In my view, the risk makes it undesirable to use prolonged needling of this kind except perhaps in patients who are in hospital. There are other arguments against using indwelling needles in the ear.

In one celebrated example, pain perception is portrayed as analogous to ringing a church bell to sound an alarm; a tug on the rope (the nerve) operates the bell (an area in the brain). Rather more sophisticated versions of this, in which the rope and bell are replaced by a telephone exchange, appeared in the twentieth century, but all such models have a common weakness: who is listening at the other end? ’ At the neurological level, what is supposed to happen is something like the following. You tread on a drawing pin, say.

Both A-delta and C fibre systems are concerned with nociception and pain perception but they have different roles. The A-delta fibre system is responsible for accurate localization of noxious stimulation without much emotional accompaniment, whereas the C fibre system yields poorly localized perception of pain accompanied with stronger emotional effects. The difference between the two systems can be appreciated when you injure yourself, for example, by stubbing your toe. There is an initial burst of acute pain, followed after a few seconds by a more diffuse pain which has a ‘deep’ quality and is considerably more unpleasant than the first pain.

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