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By Catherine Zollman, Andrew J. Vickers, Janet Richardson

Complementary medication remedies equivalent to acupuncture, homeopathy or chiropractic is an more and more fashionable characteristic of the scientific international. A becoming percentage of sufferers are utilizing complementary treatments and perform is becoming among traditional wellbeing and fitness execs. Written by means of a GP and a well known researcher, the ABC of Complementary drugs takes an self sufficient point of view, neither selling nor disparaging complementary treatments. The books fundamental target is sensible, as a consultant to selection making. The authors tackle such questions as for what stipulations has acupuncture been proven to be effective?; what do I do if a complementary practitioner encourages a sufferer to disregard my recommendation? and: what's my medico-legal place if I refer a sufferer to a chiropractor?. The ABC of Complementary medication can be a useful consultant to any physician who encounters complementary medication in medical perform.

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However, some acupuncturists attempt to produce a sensation called “de Qi”—a sense of heaviness, soreness, or numbness at the point of needling. This is said to be a sign that an acupuncture point has been correctly stimulated. Many patients say that they find acupuncture a relaxing or sedating experience. Traditional acupuncturists may use various adjunctive therapies, including moxibustion (the burning of a herb just above the surface of the skin), massage, cupping, herbal preparations, exercises, and dietary modification.

The best known example is the “solo form,” a series of slow and graceful movements that follow a set pattern. It is said to improve strength, balance, and mental calmness. Qigong (pronounced “chi kung”) is another traditional Chinese system of therapeutic exercises. Practitioners teach meditation, physical movements, and breathing exercises to improve the flow of Qi, the Chinese term for body energy. What happens during a treatment? Hypnosis In hypnosis, patients normally see practitioners by themselves for a course of hourly or half hourly treatments.

Contact with raw onions typically causes lacrimation, stinging and irritation around the eyes and nose, and clear nasal discharge. Allium cepa might be prescribed to patients with hay fever, especially if both nose and eyes are affected. Other common homoeopathic medicines include those made from plants such as belladonna, arnica, and chamomile; minerals such as mercury and sulphur; animal products such as sepia (squid ink) and lachesis (snake venom); and, more rarely, biochemical substances such as histamine or human growth factor.

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