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By Kent M. Van De Graaff, David A. Morton, John L. Crawley

This full-color atlas is designed for all scholars taking separate or built-in classes in human anatomy and body structure. This atlas can accompany and increase any human anatomy, human body structure or mixed human anatomy and body structure textbook. it truly is designed to be of specific price to scholars in a laboratory scenario and will both accompany a laboratory handbook or, in yes classes, it might probably function the laboratory guide.

Great care has long past into the instruction of this photographic atlas to supply scholars with an entire set of pictures for every of the human physique structures. Cat, fetal pig, and rat dissection also are integrated for these scholars who've the chance to do comparable dissections as a part of their laboratory requirement. moreover, photos of a sheep middle dissection also are incorporated.

A visible stability is completed among many of the degrees to be had to watch the constitution of the physique. thoroughly classified, informative figures are depicted sincerely and competently. The phrases utilized in this atlas are those who are authorized and instructed by way of the Basle Nomina Anatomica (BNA).

Some of the adjustments for this new version contain a brand new paintings software, new vertebrate dissection pictures (new specimens have been dissected to acquire higher caliber photos of the muscular and organ systems), and a brand new complete web page middle valve/cardiac cycle determine. 3-hole drilled.

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1. 39 Nervous tissue. 1. Nuclei of surrounding neuroglial cells 2. Nucleus of neuron 3. Nucleolus of neuron 4. 40 Cross section of a peripheral nerve. Epineurium 4. 41 Cross section of a peripheral nerve. Endoneurium 3. 42 A nerve stained with osmium. 1. 43 A longitudinal section of axons. 1. Myelin sheath 2. 44 Neuromuscular junction. 1. Skeletal muscle 2. 45 Cross section of unmyelinated nerve. 46 Cross section of the spinal cord. 1. Posterior (dorsal) root of spinal nerve 2. Posterior (dorsal) horn (gray matter) 3.

1. 27 Cross section of two osteons in bone tissue. 1. Canaliculi 2. 28 Spongy (cancellous) bone. 1. Spicule of bone 2. 29 Longitudinal section of osteons. 1. Central (haversian) canal 2. Perforating (Volkman’s) canals 3. 30 Osteoblasts. 31 Osteoclast. Bone Howship’s lacuna 3. 32 Longitudinal section of skeletal muscle tissue. 1. Skeletal muscle cells, note striations 2. 33 Cross section of skeletal muscle tissue. 1. Skeletal muscle cells 2. Nuclei in periphery of cell 3. Endomysium (surrounds cells) 4.

Eccrine sweat gland 14. Bulb of hair 15. 3 Skin. 1. 2 The gross structure of the skin and underlying fascia. 4 Corpuscle of touch. 1. Corpuscle of touch (Meissner’s corpuscle) 2. 5 Epidermis and dermis. 1. Stratum corneum 4. Stratum spinosum 2. Stratum lucidum 5. Stratum basale 3. 6 Fingertip. Eponychium 2. Phalanges 4. 7 Eccrine sweat gland. 1. Excretory duct of sweat gland (coiling toward surface) 4. Sebaceous gland 5. 8 Sweat gland. 9 Sweat gland. 1. Lumen of secretory portion 2. Myoepithelial cell 3.

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