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Problem 210. The wa ll s of the two co nnec ti ng cy linders show n in the fig ure are ad iabati c (therm all y in sul atin g) . The cross-secti onal areas of the parts are 2 Al = 10 elm and A 2 = 40 elm 2 . There is a well fi llin g but freely mov in g, thermall y in sulat in g piston in each cy linder, at a distance l1 = l2 = l = 1. 5 el m fro m the point where the cross-secti onal area changes. The pi stons are fi xed to eac h other by a thin and rigid rod. The enclosed vo lume contains air.

5 kg/min . The cross sectio n of the gas tubes is 10 cm 2 . Determine the speed of gas fl ow in the tubes, provided that the pressure is 10 5 P a and the temperature is 27 °C in the tubes. Problem 169. A cylinder with base area 42 cm 8cm 1 dm 2 lies on its side on a horizontal surface 2 . and is divided into two parts of vo lumes 1 ............... 2 litre by a frictionle ss vertical piston as shown . 02 N/cm 2 . 2 kg respectively . 5 N to the left. What will the new position of the piston be? ) Problem 170.

The two e nds of a homogeneous chain of mass 2 kg are fixed to columns of height 1 m as shown in the figure. The chain is clutched in th e middle and is pulled down until it becomes ti ght. J of work is done. The lowest point of the chain is then 0. 5 III from the ground then. Where was the centre of mass of the chain initially ? 5 m 35 300 Creative Physics Problem s with Solu tions Problem 155. A thick layer of o il wi th density 0. 8 g /cm 3 is placed at the top of the wa ter in a ta nk . The area of the base of the tank is very big .

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