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By Romy Fox

American citizens spend greater than $4 billion a yr on over the counter headache treatments. This much-needed e-book examines the various kinds of complications, is helping establish their explanations, and gives secure choices for headache remedy and prevention. From nutrients to meditation, therapeutic massage and homeopathy, here's the final word source for treating modern complications and combating tomorrow's.

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When the offending food is eaten, the immune system incorrectly identifies it as a “foreign invader” and sets out to wage war. The heart pounds; there may be shortness of breath; the throat may swell up, causing choking; and a skin rash or hives may erupt. Other signs of a food allergy include tremors, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, asthma attacks, and, of course, our good friend headaches. For those who are highly allergic, eating even a little bit of a particular food can produce a major allergic response that can lead to a potentially fatal condition called anaphylactic shock.

And constant exposure to noise, fumes, fragrance, or flickering fluorescent lights can overload your sensory equipment and make your head feel like it’s ready to burst. If you’d rather not devote your precious time to figuring out which environmental pollutant is driving you crazy, why not try to limit your exposure to the whole bunch? Then, at the very least, you and your family will be the beneficiaries of a cleaner, healthier environment. And at best, you may have fewer and milder headaches.

Even lying in a warm bath in a candlelit bathroom listening to my favorite music didn’t bring me much relief. Because I was so miserable and not eating much, I decided that I should treat myself to whatever appealed to me. My sister had sent a big, beautiful double-sized crate of assorted citrus fruits from Florida for Christmas, and I had been slowly working my way through them. It got to the point where citrus fruit was just about the only food that sounded appetizing anymore, and I was eating at least three or four pieces a day.

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