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Upgrade insta allation. Perforrm an upgrade e, which also iss known as an n in-place upgrrade, when you want to replace an existing version of Windows with W Windows 8 and you need to rretain all user applications, files, and settings. e exe), and select Up pgrade. e exe from the p roduct DVD or from a netwo ork share. Durring an in-place upgrade, the Windows W 8 insta allation prograam retains all u user settings, d data, hardware e device setting gs, applications, and other co onfiguration in nformation au utomatically.

This reduces the size of image files significantly. Single instancing is a technique that enables multiple images to share a single copy of files that are common between the instances. • WIM enables you to service an image offline. You can add or remove certain operating system elements, files, updates, and drivers without creating a new image. For example, to add an update to a Windows XP image, you must start the master image, add the update, and then prepare the image again. With Windows 8, you can mount the image file, and then slipstream the update into the image file without the need to start or recapture the master image.

Sysprep Command-Line Options The following code sample shows the syntax. exe [/oobe | /audit] [/generalize] [/reboot | /shutdown | /quit] [/quiet] [/unattend:answerfile] The following table lists some of the more common command-line options available for Sysprep. Option Description MCT USE ONLY. STUDENT USE PROHIBITED Configuring Windows® 8 1-27 /audit Restarts the computer in audit mode. Audit mode enables you to add drivers or applications to Windows. You also can test an installation of Windows before you send it to an end user.

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